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​​What's my 'story?'


This is a full time business.  

My worldwide customer base is growing steadily.  I am a fully licensed Importer/Exporter with Canada Revenue Agency and Canada Customs.  I currently serve customers throughout North America, Europe and as far away as Australia and New Zealand. 

I collect Goods and Services Taxes/Harmonized Sales Taxes in Trust for the Receiver General for Canada on Goods and Services provided to Canadians.  These taxes are not applicable, nor are they collected, on orders shipped outside of Canada.

​I am also a "Verified by PayPal" supplier.

I'm a professional fine artist with more than 40 years of experience producing aviation, rail art and more recently ... realistic weathering!  In 2013 after retiring from a 27 year career in the Royal Canadian Air Force, I decided to try my hand at weathering and ESU DCC upgrades (I am formally trained in high reliability soldering and electronic troubleshooting). I was feeling frustrated that no-one in my area would realistically weather and 'digitize' my factory-fresh models.  Having been both an aviation and railway artist since the late 1970s I decided to 'give it a go' as they say. It's been a TERRIFIC ride so far!

I have a 'PhD' from the 'School of Hard Knocks.' Life really is a 'journey' and I think I've learned a few things from the bumps along the way. I use my advanced knowledge of color theory from more than four decades of experience as a fine artist to good advantage for you by producing custom color blends to make your limited edition models look their absolute best!  

In 2015, I was invited by Rapido Trains Inc ( to weather a 100 unit run of their exquisite HO scale GMD-1s (road No. 1023) for sale by Credit Valley Railway Company Ltd. ( and Prairie Shadows Model Railway Company ( (Some models are still available; please contact Rapido Trains Inc ( Credit Valley Railway or Prairie Shadows directly if interested.)

What IS weathering?

Think of it as altering the appearance of an object due to natural (sun, dust, rain, sand) and man-made factors (grease, oil, etc). I simulate real-world weathering on models with various materials and methods. So...are you tired of seeing factory-fresh paint on your railroad models? Want your equipment to look more like the real deal...but don't know your hues from your values from shades? Apprehensive about spraying paint on your new $300+ fine scale model? Perhaps you tried to do it yourself ('that looks easy') but it didn't work out?  Finding yourself stuck?  Give me a try! I can make things right! 

What's my philosophy?

My goal is to make today's premium priced fine scale models even better through judicious application of realistic weathering techniques and prototypical sound. 

Why commission me?  I have 40 years experience as a fine artist and even more as a dyed-in-the-wool foamer!  I've watched everything from GE 70 tonners in PEI, Canada to SP SW1500s in Arizona.  I've never lost my passion for replicating the prototypical look and feel of well used rail equipment.  

Many of my clients are operators in the industry; they tell me they chose me because they want their models to look and sound just like the real deal; like their rolling "offices."

I have one primary objective... 

To weather your equipment SO realistically for the period that you model that it will INSTANTLY COMMAND your attention AND HOLD IT for years to come!  

The genesis of my weathering and specialized colour mixing?

                                                             40 years of Aviation and Railway Fine Art​!