The much anticipated initial HO scale Dash8-40CM shipment has arrived at Weather My Trains!  Please be patient as I work through the Reservations.  

The the remaining models (in CN stripes and BC Rail RWB) are in transit from China: ETA ? Maybe 3, 4, or 5 weeks to weather My Trains...just a guess...I ain't The Amazing Kreskin. 

If you reserved one, your model(s) will be weathered very soon! Please take some time to decide on the weathering level you desire and advise accordingly...or just select a weathering level and leave it to me!

Weathered Rapido Model below (this is straight out of the box with weathering added!)

 ​​​​CANADIAN RESIDENTS:         Prices do not include GST/HST.       GST/HST Reg No: 715286720RT0001​​

I have a small number of unsold, CN 'modified noodle scheme' units available for purchase. DCC/Sound models are sold out but I do have a few DC models available.  ESU DCC upgrades are also available upon request but it's also easy to do on your own later!


Please request one by using the Weather My Trains Model Order Form menu item above.

*** ​​​Rapido Trains has already sold out of ALL SKUs ***