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Ferro Sur AC4400CW

Athearn Trains

AN class locomotive and Grain wagons - Australia

Auscision Models (NSW Australia)

SSR C44aci units from Auscision Models - Australia

Auscision Models (NSW Australia)

International Trains

   HO scale V/Line "VLocity" Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) 3 car set. This particular copy was from Kemscott, Western Australia. The prototype's Yellow and Violet colours fade badly along the roofline and, naturally, it has to be done on the model! This particular weathering job - while seemingly innocent - is NOT for the faint hearted!

Southern Rail Models (NSW Australia)

Russian Passenger Equipment

  This HO scale visitor hails from Orange, New South Wales Australia! The model is a Western Australian Government Railways (W.A.G.R.) "L" class locomotive manufactured for Southern Rail Models of New South Wales Australia in Pacific National livery circa 2006 - 2015. 

Southern Rail Models (NSW Australia)

Ex-CN GMD-1 - Cuban Railways

Rapido Trains Inc. (Mississauga, Canada)

'Before' and 'after' shots of a well used Pacific National 48 class unit from Auscision Models - Australia

Auscision Models (NSW Australia)

Australian NR class Locomotive with Iron Ore Concentrate wagons.

SDS models (NSW Australia)