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Weather My Trains / Industry News
Updated: 18 Jan 2019
CN Clearwater Sub in HO scale


Chessie System!

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Scaletrains HO scale 5188 cf hoppers 

Weathered GACX Cars are still available

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Announcements to be made during the

Amherst Railway Society Railroad Hobby Show

26-27 January 2019

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"​January 18, 2019

TO: Our Loyal Customers and Distributors:

Bowser Manufacturing just returned home from a week-long visit to China. We now have two factories in different locations to make our products. 
Production of freight cars is well under way and we are expecting Ready-To-Run (RTR) car shipments every month. We have asked for a minimum delivery of one freight car project per month and was told that such will proceed without any delays.

Locomotive Production: 
One factory will be starting loco production in late February 2019. Bowser expects to start receiving locomotives by the summer of 2019. The second factory will start production in March 2019 and it is forecast that locomotives should start arriving in late summer of 2019.

Locomotive delivery will at first amount to a couple paint schemes each month. So all the locomotive road names in any announcement will be spread out over a couple of months. Once the factories gain experience, Bowser hopes to increase the number of road names produced each month.

At this time, our primary effort is to get the first production run on time.

Projected Deliveries are currently forecast in the following order:

DS 4-4-1000 - Starting May 2019;
SD40-2F - Starting July 2019;
C628, C630, C630M - Starting August 2019;
SD40-2 - Starting September 2019;
M630 - Starting November 2019;
F units - Starting December 2019.

Lee K. English,
Bowser Manufacturing"


​"We haven't given up on the RS-3 project yet.
Our new factories are good but given that they are new to our products.
We want to build up their skills and abilities before we let them loose on the RS3.
Once we are satisfied that they are ready and parts are ready we will re-schedule them. 
Most likely with just a few paint schemes / road names at a time.

Keep watching our home page and news letters for updates on the RS-3 project as well others not on the current list."