Cabooses / M.O.W.

Starting at $75 (quoted on request)

Diesel Locomotives

(Exceptions noted below)






Starting at $175 

Exceptions : Turbine units are treated

as individual locomotives / freight cars

Medium Locomotive Samples

Freight Car / Caboose samples

Light Locomotive Samples

Steam Locomotive Samples

Weathering Upgrades

Basic hand Tagging/Graffiti

Quoted on request


Starts at $35



Starts at $25

Burn/scorch marks

Starts at $25


Starts at $25

Decal application/sealing

Starts at $35

Detail Parts

Quoted on request


Smokebox Graphics Scotchlite striping

Car / caboose ... $10

Locomotive ... $20

  1. Weather My Trains is a full time, licensed business and an authorized importer and exporter.
  2. Weathering is my core business.  Manufacturer's new releases take priority over all commissioned work. I usually have a backlog that ebbs and flows but I do my best to keep the line moving. Your patience is genuinely appreciated.
  3. All prices on this website are USD$ unless otherwise specified. Canadian, Australian and New Zealand weathering orders are in CAD$ unless specified otherwise. 
  4. Prices below are for HO scale weathering only. Extra work quoted on request.  For N scale weathering, please use a 0.7 x HO rate multiplier, for O gauge please use a 1.5 x HO rate multiplier. Steam loco and tender are classified as 2 items (Locomotive and a car).  Scaletrains Big Blow turbines are 2 locos and 1 freight car for pricing purposes. 
  5. Weathering colors are custom acrylic mixes blended specifically to make your models look their absolute BEST using my 50 years of fine art/colour mixing experience.
  6. 15% weathering discount will be automatically applied on shipments of 4 items but no discounts on Potash cars. 
  7. Worldwide service/shipping available. References are available on request. 
  8. I am an authorised ESU LokSound dealer.  DCC work is quoted on request once work scope is known.  Weathering work takes priority over stand-alone decoder installs.

Heavy Diesel Locomotive Samples (my specialty)

Diecast Models

(Vehicles/Heavy equipment)

1/87 scale


(click here for 1/87 samples)

1/50 scale

Starting at $100 quoted on request

(click here for 1/50 samples)

1/24 scale

Starting at $200 and quoted on request

(click here for 1/24 samples)

Freight cars

Starting at $50 (quoted on request)

Weathering Rates (samples below)

Steam Locomotives

(2 pieces - Loco/tender)

Starting at $125 (quoted on request)

Passenger cars

Starting at $35 (quoted on request)

For more examples of my weathering work (sorted by railway),

please visit the "Sample Galleries" drop down menu


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