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​​​​"Geep (IC GP10 - RA) just arrived at the house! Excellent work! Best weathering I have ever seen! I would like to display it in St Louis at a Prototype modelers convention in June."

"Perfect!!!!!!!!!!" (Illinois, USA)

"Whole-heartedly approved. Thank you" (Western NY, USA)

"Finally got to take a look at may cars tonight, was working out of town. Wow!! All are fantastic!! Such Great Work! I Love the tags!! I'm very impressed with the centrebeams. Thank you again!" (BC, Canada)

"Thanks Rob! You went above and beyond with the details on this one." (RI, USA)

"Got the box opened...just speechless! Photos never do justice. Yours were great, but seeing her in person is beyond comparison!!! Detail level is beyond compare! I'll hit you up for some cars!
Thanks again Rob! (Scaletrains GTEL owner in California)"

"Just a note to let you know that I just received your GM&O (ABA F unit - RA) shipment that arrived safely due to your secure packaging. Herd to believe that the models look even better than your fantastic photo3graphs!! Now I will need to start digging up some other models in order to keep you from getting rusty!!!! LOL! Thanks" Illinois, USA

"Just unboxed these (ScaleTrains BNSF Dash9-44CWs - RA) today rob and I swear they look better in person! The detail is so fine and intricate. Really lighting the fire under my arse to get some form of a modular layout up and running next year. Thank you heaps!"  Australia

"Hi Rob I received my engine (Scaletrains HO scale Dash9-44CW - RA) this weekend. Absolutely love it! It looks superb, so glad I went ahead and bought it. It arrived in New Zealand pretty quick (about 6 days I think). It just took a while for NZ Customs to have a look at the package and tell me how much duty/ tax I had to pay on it. Then once I paid that it took another few days for them to release the package so it could be delivered. It was packed very well and arrived in mint condition. Thanks." New Zealand

"My gosh its here! And no time ..."  (box of 4 x Scaletrains Dash9-44CW units - RA) Switzerland

"Ya mon! %$#*&^% excellent ... worth every penny!"

"That ('Tempo Train'...Rob) is AWESOME! I’m impressed! ... you scored another hit! There’s no way back for me: every other model train I buy in the future is gonna pass through your magic… wish I had knew you earlier! My FP9s, LRCs, F40s and all other stuff looks a bit dull now…I think that at some point, they will need this kind of treatment as well so they can keep up with competition! :) I think you’ll get a lot of « likes » on social media with this one! Thank you very much!"  - Quebec, Canada

"BEAUTIFUL!!! What a work of art - Thank you" California, USA

"That looks excellent! That’s why I trust you to know what is best."  Illinois, USA

"The locos arrived in great shape. I unpacked them today and was glad my shots are up to date as I may have been exposed to tetanus on that GP10. You did wonderful work on them." Florida, USA

"All fantastic. They’ll look great on the layout (the two WAG cars will be on display). I do agree on the fade too. You did a great job with them."  Upstate New York, USA

"Rob that (Rapido Husky Stack) looks fantastic."  British Columbia, Canada

"I am excited! Tracking showing my latest package is at the local mail centre and hopefully will be out for delivery today....Package collected. Cars look very nice."  Southern Australia

"Just to let you know that I received the F-units and cabeese.  All arrived safe and sound along with the awesome job you did on them as expected!!!!"  Illinois, USA

"Man pics don’t do my engine justice it came in the mail today and it looks awesome" Missouri, USA

"They look great. Thanks again" Saudi Arabia

"Hey Rob, The cars arrived today safe and sound. The pictures do not do these cars justice. Very impressed and very happy with them. I will be planning at some point to send a few items from my collection to get the “Weather My Trains” touch in the future.
Thanks again!
"  Trenton, NS

"Hi Rob,
I just wanted to send you a quick note. Today was the first day that I could review the locomotives in natural light. They're simply amazing! I could look at them all day long with all the realism you have added to them. They look like they have now been on the rails for a couple of years which is exactly what I wanted. You working with me on the finish and sending pictures during the process is fantastic. As you said, it makes sure both parties are happy before sending them out. I find this weathering so fascinating and hearing your conversations on the AML podcast just makes me want to hear more about what you do. Too bad no one has video taped you doing it. I'm sure it be just as fascinating to watch! I think this also has a lot to do that you just seem like a nice down to earth guy willing to work with anyone. I'm so glad I didn't send my models to someone else that had no customer service whatsoever. I mean I would send an e-mail out to you and it seem like right away I be getting a response back from you. Not sure how you juggle weathering models and responding to e-mails so fast! This is why before I even got my first set of models back from you, I sent you more for another batch. As now I see that I have no other choice to have you do all my locomotives to make the whole fleet look amazing! Even though we just have exchanged e-mails with for the first set I sent you, I feel like we have already connected and not only got someone I can trust with this, but got a new friend. Thank you again for everything! So glad you're sharing your amazing skills with us modelers!"  Illinois, USA

"...interviewing you is a pain in the butt"  -Anonymous Podcast Guy

"Smashing...They look ducking awesome"  Doha, Qatar

"Excellent. Just what I was hoping for. You're like the (expletive deleted) Yoda, man!"

"Got the models the other day, they look fantastic!"

"Well where do I even begin! I sent 4 locos to Rob just about the beginning of Sept,I talked to rob via email and calling him,by the way if you want to have a good conversation give him a call,you won’t regret it great guy to talk to!!!!! I told Rob I was in no hurry to get them back.He made mention of some big orders that would be coming in and that would take priority,which I completely understood and knew that orders had to be done first.So with that being said,I have been like a kid in a candy store waiting patient(Yeah Right)!! The pics that he does for the website do not,let me repeat myself do not in any way shape or form do the models justice.After getting mine back,I sat and looked at one for over an hr in amazement at the weathering.I build scale Armour and Aircraft and was tempted to try and do the weathering myself,but that wasn’t going to happen,so with that Rob is the only one who will be getting my locos sent to him for this.His attention to detail and technique for shading and such is superb.So if you have the patience and aren’t in a hurry for a loco and or car to be done by Rob,I can’t recommend him enough. Thank you,Rob for what you do,and I hope you keep doing this for a long time.Thank you"   Michigan, USA

"The work Rob can do is amazing. I asked for a very unique job on an engine and he surpassed my wildest dreams. Awesome guy to deal with and communicate with on a job. He’s going to be getting a lot more work from me that’s for sure." Ontario, Canada

"Got my conrail SD-60 and GP-38-2 today looks great"  Indiana, USA

"It looks awesome!...I just wanted the spirit of that captured which you have done beautifully...They have arrived and look tops!" (New customer in NSW, Australia. Owner of 48 class, L class and C44aci units)

"Hi Rob, all cars unboxed now and I’m one happy guy. Great work - thank you, I may have to send you more!" (New customer in England)

"(Dash8-40CM: RA) Showed up today, looks absolutely phenom.  I'll have to build a shadow box so I can show it off now haha. Thanks a lot Rob, can't wait to place another order with ya!" 

"Rob I tip my hat to you sir I am very impressed with your work I'm so glad I reached out to you You have officially made a new customer happy and will be returning again Just so you know I picked them (SW1200RS twins: RA) up today. Very well packaged thank you"

"Hi Rob, Received my Locomotives today and all I can say is wow!! These GP9's were my favourite locomotives to begin with and the work you have done to them makes them just that much better! Thank you very much for your efforts! ... Your service is above and beyond and I couldn't be happier with everything you have done for me!" (customer in BC, Canada)

"Arrived safe and sound. Look wonderful! I am particularly impressed with the SD40-2 B Unit.  Clearly, it has spent a lot of time in the Mount  MacDonald/Connaught tunnels." (customer in Annapolis Valley, NS, Canada)

"Hi Rob.  Superb weathering and Rapido did a great job on these for sure. Love the box car too.  Grimy old dog - love it.  All good, just thought I’d let you know. Always glad to show you my layout if you get out this way. Thanks and great job as always!" (customer in BC, Canada)

"(before) Can't wait to get my hands on the m636! (...then...after) Package arrived today. Couldn't wait to unbox it!  What can i say?  Looks even more amazing in person.  Thank you for taking my idea of a 'used and abused engine' to the next level.  Engine runs and sounds great." (Rhode Island, USA)

"...Happy is not the word. Your weathering technique is second to none!!! All of the 5 models I currently have at home that you have done for me are FANTASTIC!!! I eagerly await the (SW1200RS) switchers! (customer in Chicago, Ill, USA)"

"Not many things are certain in life. One of them is knowing that anything showing up at my door from Rob Arsenault is sure to be perfect (to client request  😉). These things are awesome." (Michigan, USA)

"Looks awesome! The M62 came out perfect! ... The toasters are exactly what I was looking for as well" (Repeat customer in New England) 

"Rob, caboose arrived in great shape this morning. Just the right amount of weathering. Very pleased. Thanks again..." (repeat customer in the greater Chicago area)

"It is always a good day when the knock at the door is the postman with your latest delivery of items from Weather My Trains. Took delivery this morning of a rake of ScaleTrains Gunderson 5188cf covered hoppers. A very nice addition to my growing collection of pieces weathered by Rob." (a satisfied customer in Australia)

​"I had Rob Weather a BNSF Loco for our VP as a Christmas Gift and he LOVED IT!! Robs work is AMAZING. Thanks again eh" (LOL) (Oregon, USA)

"I got my first Weather My Trains item a couple weeks ago and I am absolutely in love! I have followed Robs work for many years, online and at shows and have always dreamed of owning one. Although I didn't get a super expensive car, it is the start of a long, costly venture  ;) that will be completely worth it! The products Rob puts out are to spec and if not for my amateur layout, they would look 110% real! My car came in perfect time, shipped super quick after I sent payment and extremely well packed. Overall, the experience was very professional and seamless. I look forward to purchasing more pieces from Rob (and getting some customs done as well) in the future. Hands down, the best custom weathering out there!!"

"Absolutely amazing work!!! I have bought several times from him and will continue to do so."

"ROB, GREAT job on the 2 Brass OMI BCR Dash 8's and the 2 Bowser BCR SD40-2's. I'm very very pleased with the results, extremely realistic. Keep up the wonderful work, we NEED this service in this hobby."

"Got the hoppers today.  Beautiful work.  Thank you so much." (Sacramento, CA, USA)

"...it has arrived: and what a beauty the model is! Well worth the wait! Great work! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!" (new customer in Berlin, Germany- RA)

"They (pair of Rapido Dash8-40CMs - RA) look amazing...You do such a good job on fading and variation"

"Thanks for posting the photos ... All items look really good..." (repeat customer in Australia)

"Just received my BCR (Dash8-40CM - RA) unit, and once again...job well done.  Thanks again Rob!!"

"Those are awesome Rob...I can't wait to run a few trains with these dirty faded (Rapido Dash8-40CM - RA) units. "

"...you dah man....Love love love them all!" (owner's response to his 4 weathered BC Rail Dash8-40CM units - RA)

"Can't wait to see it...So awesome"

"...they are great!!"

"She made it safe and sound, I think it even looks better in person than in pictures" (owner of his heavily faded new Rapido Trains Dash8-40CM 2418-RA)

"Rob,  Just received your(Bowser M-636 ... RA) shipment which arrived safely due to your excellent packaging. It is had to believe that the model 'in-hand' looks even better than your beautiful photos!!  I eagerly await the (Bowser L&N ... RA) RS-3 and the three Rapido SW1200RS's!!! (Chicago, Ill, USA)

Thanks again for yet another great weathering job!

"Rob, She (M-636) is beautiful.....what a transformation!! Thank you"

"Looks great Rob. Awesome job once again. Can’t wait to actually see them (Bowser M-636 pair) in person."

"Thanks, really looking forward to your weathering.  The 4738 you did is beautiful!"

"Great job on both units. Extremely impressed. Thank you"

"...seriously thank you Rob! You've been awesome to work with" (Vermont, USA)

SHE said.."Ohhhh my gosh!!...He's going to have a cow!" ​ Then HE said..."Absolutely killer. Art. It's art...I'm beyond excited to see these on the layout...Perfect! You're the man" (Pennsylvania, USA)

"...thats freaking amazing...the weathering brings out the lettering and detail...a work of art!...I'm hooked now" (Ontario, Canada)

"Those looks AMAZING!!!!! I love them all just the way they are! You are an amazing artist!!!!"

"CP Extra 9016 East arrived last night.  Just amazing Rob..., don't really know what much else to say.  It didn't disappoint.  Even my wife, who doesn't enjoy trains the way I do mentioned that you have a real talent. She was very impressed.  I usually check out your Facebook page once a day, and I notice the likes keep on going up.  Thanks again Rob. " (Ontario, Canada)

"I have 9 examples of Rob's extraordinary workmanship, the realism is amazing ! If you want something special , just ask . If you have a photo of a specific piece of rr equipment , he can recreate it exactly . I personally work in the railway industry , so authenticity is a high requirement of mine , this IS the person you want to weather your model ....enough said ! (Manitoba, Canada)

"All of the work Rob has done for me has been first rate." (Rail Traffic Controller, Alberta)

"THE BEST weathering guru in the country, BAR NONE..." (Professional Railroader - Locomotive Engineer)

"I have 4 locomotives weathered by Rob so far. His work is AMAZING!!! I will be sending more work his way!!!" (Oregon, USA)

"Just the best, period. The best weathering hands down!"

"Professional weathering results... excellent customer service, would recommend Rob to anyone!"

"Rob is awesome and knows his stuff glad I was able to pickup a steal of a deal from ya would recommend Rob to anybody in the model train world" (Calgary, AB, Canada)

"Absolutely spot on! Can't tell the model from the big one. Superb work and amazing attention to detail!" (Shortline Locomotive Engineer, Pennsylvania, USA)

"It's been great dealing with you Rob, you got them finished just the way I like them. I'll be doing a lot more business with you in the near future."

"Amazing Work, the Engine Runs and Sounds absolutely fantastic, great customer support and well worth the money, Definitely wont see the last of me!

"They look awesome!!! ... Thank you very much."

"WOW!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I am speechless!!!!!" (N scale steam owner)

"They (passenger cars) look great!"

"Amazing Work, the Engine Runs and Sounds absolutely fantastic, great customer support and well worth the money, Definitely wont see the last of me!" (Alabama, USA)

"The Van is beautiful!  My collection of your (Bowser) F7Au/F7Au/Snow Plow/Van weathering is FANTASTIC...WHAT A SET-UP!!!!  Your weathering technique is SO REALISTIC!!! Thanks for a great job!  Can't wait for the RS3 and SW1200RS models!" (Chicago, USA)

"Quick service by Canada Post, the units arrived today.  I am very pleased, a great job. Thanks​​" (Nova Scotia, Canada)

"Just a note to let you know that she arrived safely due to your meticulous packaging.  No details were broken!  Wow, what fantastic weathering you do...the model even looks better than in the photos!!  Keep up the beautiful work. Thanks again..."

"Your the only guy I like taking my engines to and have them come back in worse shape!!" (Professional Railroader - Locomotive Engineer)

"Thanks again for the great service and the engine looks awesome!" 

"Everything looks great!"

"Wonderful deal ... Couldn't be happier...."

"Photos do it no justice" 

"Rob, the engine came today and looks amazing...I love the UP unit, it is a true work of art!...I would endorse you to anybody that's how good I think you are"

"Lord thundering ... !! Perfect!!!"

"Rob, the more I look at them you just hit the ball out of the park on my CP Sd40s. They are going to be pride of place beside 2816 I am so pleased." (British Columbia, Canada)

"If I end up with any other items (for sale), I'll be calling you first."

"They're here!!! Absolutely love what you did with them! The rust on the caboose is really something. Spectacular!"


"Hey Rob just letting you know I got my parcel the CP unit pictures don't do it justice looks amazing"

"I'll be a customer forever" (Wisconsin, USA)

You are definitely going to be my go to person for weathering. Your the fastest! I have had one guy doing some that has been 4 months for a 2-3 week job...

I sent you a scale trains car for a Christmas present for my appreciation of the work and discounts you do!" 


"The engine looks unbelievable. I couldn't be happier with it. Thanks again. Looking forward to doing more business soon!!!"    

​"Hi Rob...
Just wanted to drop you a note.  Picked up the package this am and am very happy with the weathering on the 3 cabooses that you had done for me.  Excellent job and I am very pleased with them and the whole process and your work.  Excellent service and excellent weathering.  I am going to send you some more stuff for certain."  

​"...Awesome! It's a beast...Great job." 

" Just one question .....how the @&"#% ! Did you pull off that amazing job in such a short  time ? lol .. Cheers... I likes it a lot , money well spent...I have nothing bad to say at all , every thing is excellent , from the packaging to the communication and well the work speaks for it self . You will for sure have my business again , thanks again for the nice work."  (Professional Railroader)

"Wowowowowowowow! I got in the box this afternoon and that's all I can say! Fabulous!"

"...I love it the way it is. Don't change a thing..." 

"They look great, Rob, excellent work, as always"

"Damn, I can't tell you how excited I am about the work you have done! ... there will be more!...those UPs look fantastic!" 

"‎You nailed it! Every one of them! ... the Dreamsicle is off the hook!" (Virginia, USA)

"‎...Wow. Really, wow. Congratulations. These look fabulous... ‎I think these are remarkably well done....Again, this is some amazing work. " 


"Thanks Rob for the fantastic job you did when you installed the DCC Decoder along with the lights, ditch lights, sound and weathering. She looks great, runs great and sounds great. It's a pleasure to see this 20 year old brass locomotive running on our layout again." 

"Got my O scale PSC Climax back from Alberta in the mail the other day. You might remember Rob Arsenault posting some great images on this group, yup that was my engine.

All I can say is Rob is on top of his game when it comes to weathering models, he goes all out and does not cut corners and IMHO he doesnt charge enough for all the effort he puts into each and every model. (Professional Railroader)

A true Canadian artist, for sure I will be sending him more of my models in the future!" 

"... guess what ... your stuff is addictive." 

"...dude you are the absolute best, the one and only 'Weather Man' haha ... I can't get over them, the color is just perfect! Where they are in comparison to the pictures is 100% spot on!...They haven't just met my expectations, they've exceeded them!!! Absolutely, drop dead, gorgeous bomb shells!!! ... I'm literally blown away by your work dude! It's insane! They are all fantastic...oh man, I'm proud to say they're mine and that you sir are the genius behind this weathering madness!!!" 

That’s so cool. I love it. 

"The Eagle has Landed! Everything looks great, thanks again." 

"...I'm totally speechless right now, you nailed it again!!! The 5833 is the 5833!!! Perfect! They're all perfect ... I can't believe how fast you did them up either, I really wasn't expecting that :)"  (Professional Railroader)

Waiting at my desk this morning was 8876, all I can say is excellent! This is so cool nice.  I have two of your art works now, and look forward to more."  

"Wow!  8034 is looking great!" 

"Oh yeah, Another excellent job as usual."  

"...I must say I couldn't be happier..." 

"...Thanks again Rob, they're absolutely perfect. And 2253 matched the photo beautifully." 

"Perfect that's the look"  

​"The units look great!...What would be the latest I could get them tonight?...Once again - Wow...looks amazing"  (Professional Railroader)

"Rob, Just the way I like them" (Professional Railroader)

"This is the weathering I was looking for, ...

"Looks very nice, I am very very happy with how it turned out!"

"Hi Rob... I know you get this every day, but i just wanted to say that you do beautiful work!! It's amazing to see what you can do with a factory locomotive or freight car." 

"Loving the fuel spills!...They look great! Thanks!"  

"Those look awesome! Especially that geep!"

"It's a beauty buddy"  

"It looks fantastic!!! I like the extra heavy soot (and how it's heavier on the one side), and it's just the type of road grime I was looking for! Thanks for taking on this project and completing it in an incredibly timely manner."  (New York, USA)

"Wow - thank you - my work week has been crap - my wife has flu - not a great week at all...Thank you - this kinda makes up for a crap week!  Thanks Rob - that is really great of you.  Cheers (United Kingdom)

"Those look awesome!"

"Holy schmokes" 

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