Latest Weathering Projects - Updated 14 May 18

  • 1.  All models below have been weathered with custom mixed Professional Fine Artist's Acrylics ... and nothing else.
  • 2. Previous weathering projects are posted in the "Sample Galleries" menu item above)

~N scale (1/160) weathering!  (Yes, that's a Q-tip next to the cylindrical Potash car for context).  

~Various Steel Mill 'critters' (a 'Motley Crew') and a kit bashed van

~Atlas MP15DC

~Atlas High Hood SD35 in Norfolk and Western colours

~Intermountain Value Line Trinity Aluminator (TM) Coal Gondolas (Weathered cars in stock now and ready to ship. Details on the Reserve New Models menu item)

~Ann Arbor RR GP-35s on ALCo trucks for a client in Michigan

Latest new model 'ETA's

(these are estimated of arrival at the respective manufacturers. ETA at Weather My Trains is typically 7-14 days after they are received by the manufacturer)

​​​​​​To my valued customers and friends!  

     Please note that I am taking a 2 week pause for a few very important and exciting Family events that we have been anticipating for a long time...a very long time in fact!   


     Package deliveries are still being accepted during this time and I'll still be available online via Facebook and will still be answering inquiries from this page too.  All weathering jobs completed as of 13 May are shipped (14 May) and I'll be diving right in to the CP Rail SW1200RS shipment as soon as possible after this short break in the action (they are at the Rapido warehouse as you read this). 


     To those of you who ordered Rapido FP7s, your order has been placed.  Back soon!


What's new as of Monday, 14 May 18?  (please scroll down to see the latest weathering projects!)

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