Athearn Genesis SOO line GP38-2 patched out with the 3 children's initials!

(Honestly, COOL are YOU!?)

Initials by Precision Design Company of Altona, Manitoba, Canada (

Bowser SD40-2 B unit (posed with Intermountain coal gondola) heading home to Nova Scotia's BEAUTIFUL Annapolis Valley shortly!

Heavy (coal service) weathering

(Both Bowser and Intermountain products are available direct from Weather My Trains)

Atlas HO Dash8-40CW in factory CN/IC Blue paint (off to the UK of all places!)

(I added the Scotchlite tape)

​Heavy weathering with fading

Latest weathering projects - Updated Saturday, 13 Oct 18

 ​​​​​CANADIAN RESIDENTS:         Prices do not include GST/HST.       GST/HST Reg No: 715286720RT0001​​

Scaletrains Rivet Counter HO Trinity 31K Crude Oil Tank Cars off to Australia! 

(#scaletrains products are available direct from Weather My Trains by reservation)