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UPDATE: 12 Nov 2018 

Follow-up AML interview also posted ... Click here to listen 

New Scaletrains announcements!

Please reserve your professionally weathered models from

Weather My Trainsbefore 12PM (MST) 10 Dec 2018! 

(just click the pictures below for more info or to place your order!)

HO scale brass Dash9-44

ESU LokSound DCC and SMD402 LEDs from Evan Designs installed

Heavy Weathering (burned)

Model by Overland Models Inc (OMI)

HO scale Amtrak NPCU

One Light and one Heavy Weathering (with lettering rubbed off)

Models by Rapido Trains


HO scale SDP40F visiting from Altoona, PA

Light Weathering  

Model by Athearn Genesis (TM)

HO scale SD40-2 visiting from Altoona, PA

Medium Weathering  

Models by Scaletrains.com Rivet Counter (TM) Line

(products available by reservation from Weather My Trains)

C39-8 2nd Release - Conrail, CSX, GE Demo, NS, PNR, Savage/SAR

Rivet Counter HO Scale BSC F68AH Bulkhead Flat Car

Latest weathering projects - Updated Tuesday, 13 Nov 18